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Physicool supply innovative cooling products based on rapid evaporation. Buy Now

  • About Physicool

    Physicool is a unique cooling bandage combined with rapidly evaporating alcohols clinically proven to greatly reduce sprains, strains swelling and tears. physicool is a ready to use, go anywhere solutions when immediate cooling is needed for pain relief and injury management. Physicool never requires refrigeration.

    the versatile physicool bandage greatly reduces swelling inflamation and pain whilst helping speed up recovery, and getting patients back on their feet fast.

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  • The Physicool Range

    Now available in Australia our medically tested products deliver the very best in instant cooling, injury recovery and pain management. See the range

  • Applying Physicool

    The physicool banage can be used effectively over and over again. It easy to apply even with one hand. Click here to find out why rapid evap is better than ice and other cooling therapies.

  • Physicool Special Offers

    click here to find the latest specials/promotions/offers from physicool.